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Duke Greenhill

I'm a storyteller.

Award-winning writer. Storytelling and marketing thought-leader. Creative Director for top, global brands. MFA, Columbia; BA, University of Texas. Always interested in interesting assignments.

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How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign

How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertisin...

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How Brands Can Prepare for Affluent Millennials

There are three key shifts luxury brands must keep in mind as we enter the dawn of the luxury-loving Millennial.

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4 Pillars of Digital Marketing for Brands

Successful online luxury brand marketing demands the four E’s: experience, exclusivity, engagement and emotion. Here's a closer look at each one.

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Fast Company

How To Sell A $1 Snow Globe For $59: The Real ROI Of Brand ...

For over a decade, I've made a career as a marketer by leveraging the processes and techniques I learned as a filmmaker and fiction writer--the processes and techniques of narrative storytelling....

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Need a Brilliant Brand Strategy? Go See a Movie

Brand Management - Filmmakers and marketers migrate toward one another because the key to their success is the same: story. Learn how Apple successfully created an emotional bond with its customers that transcends ...

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3 Ways Digital Innovation Can Make Aspirational Brands Exclusive Again

Here are three cutting-edge digital technologies that can help save the luxury brand experience.

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5 Digital Marketing Commandments for Brands

Lately people are talking about luxury brands and digital marketing. Here are the top five commandments for marketing luxury brands using the most democratic media in the world.

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Telegraph (UK)

Burberry: master of the digisphere

Under its creative force Christopher Bailey, Burberry's take-up of technology is all-embracing.
BY Emily Cronin | Duke Greenhill primary industry source and sidebar author.

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Fast Company

Slaying The Dragon And Other Ways To Create Killer Content Narratives

There is a system for successful storytelling. Actually... there are many!

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Agency Post

7 Signs Your Candidate Has Strong Storytelling Skills - The Agency Post

Learn what makes a strong storyteller and how to hire for this important position....

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Agency Post

The Brand Story Package

Duke Greenhill continues his series on narrative strategies by discussing the brand story package, and how these chapters can help build your brand.

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Luxury Society

A Day In the Life of the Digitised Hotel - Hospitality Marketing

How the hospitality industry can leverage digital - mobile technology for top-notch customer service.